With a humble beginning of just a few kilos in 1947 and reaching a whopping many Tons every Year today, it has been an incredible journey for K. C. Patankar and Sons.

K. C. Patankar and Sons was founded by Late. Shri. Kalyan Chintaman Patankar in the year 1947 as he realized that the pickles and chutneys prepared by his wife, Smt. Laxmibai Patankar were being highly appreciated by all their friends, neighbours and relatives. So he decided to take a big stride and entered into manufacturing these products on a small scale of just few kilos during the year 1947. In a short span his unit was accorded the FPO license and it became a Pioneer in Karnataka in the area of pickle manufacturing.

Successors of Shri K. C. Patankar have diligently followed his principles and kept the business growing at a steady pace.

The third generation of the Patankars, joined the business and are successfully contributing to the growth of their business. With the concerted efforts of all the members of the family and the workers in the factory, today K. C. Patankar and sons has carved a niche for itself as a manufacturer of Quality Pickles, Chutneys and Masala.

Even after Seventy Five Years, the uniqueness of the taste and the quality of the products remain the same to this day.

In the year 1980 K.C. Patankar passed away left behind all his good will and principals for the successors of the Patankar Pickles. With his blessings the business keeps on growing. From year 1991 Milind a representative of third generation and followed by him Rohan joined hands. Today total yearly production of the Pickle, Masala, Chutney, Papad, Sandage,etc. and other products reached to more than tons Specialty of the Products of the Patankar Pickles is that the generations has changed but the taste and the quality of the products has not changed